shutting the French windows I'd like to kiss you but I just washed my hair


Bad Fifties ladies

When a female fires back, suddenly big talker don’t know how to act.


Besides your own, who’s your favourite character in the Game of Thrones series? X

#Michelle Fairley is a fan of Charles Dance
#everything is irrelevant #my life is complete 

there were no cracks to grasp or gaps to claw


AU: Emma Swan meets old friends in the Fairytale World

The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test

Your result for The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test …

Sansa Stark

You scored 290 Adaptability, 180 Humor, 170 Integrity and 110 Activity!

Soothe the wrath and tame the fury, teach us all a kinder way.
You are Sansa Stark.
You are a dreamer, first and foremost. You love to live in a fantasy world whenever possible, though you are able to face reality when it is required. You are graceful and polite, always able to make a good impression on those you meet. You are gentle and wish the world weren’t such a violent place. Your desire to be kind to all does have its downside, though - you don’t think a lie can be harmful if it is meant in kindness. That is not always the case. You are romantic, courteous, and composed.
You are also similar to Catelyn Stark and Bran Stark. Your polar opposite is Jon Snow.

Title: Serial Killer
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Lana Del Rey | Serial Killer (LEAKED)